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Rabu, 28 September 2011

still life PC Game |Mediafire|

The story revolves around private investigator Gustav McPherson in the late 1920s Prague and FBI Special Agent Victoria McPherson (Gus' grandchild) in the near future Chicago, and their task to hunt down what seems to be the same ritualistic and beastly serial killer, more than seventy years apart. The game focuses around Victoria's journey to link the murders and mutilations of prostitutes in 1920s Prague to the similar murders of mistresses working at an S&M club named "Red Lantern" during Victoria's time period. The game's main nemesis is a man clad in a dark cloak, top-hat and a silver mask and is encountered by both Gus McPherson and Victoria.

Windows® 98, ME, 2000 or XP
Pentium® III 800 MHz (Pentium® III 1.0 GHz Recommended) 128 MB RAM 8x CD ROM Drive DirectX8.1 32 MB Graphics Card (64 MB or Equivalent Recommended) Keyboard/Mouse/Speakers 

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